Rest In Peace, Paul

You guys have all heard by now, an icon has fallen.  The first time I heard about it, I refused to believe it.  Unfortunately it’s true.  Paul Walker, for many in our generation, brought light to a culture that may have stayed underground if it weren’t for his movies and enthusiasm for all things automotive.  That’s not all, he’s given more to charity in his short time here than most people will ever give in a life time…..

Here’s a tribute vid making it’s rounds on the net

Please use his generosity as an example.

Give kindly to his charity Reach Out Worldwide

Drive safe everyone,


CSCS Round 4 – Toronto Motorsports Park


CSCS Round 4, we’re back at Toronto Motorsports Park.  MTO, MOE, and the OPP were out in force again, which is becoming quite the issue for people coming to the track with modified cars.  The organizers are trying to do something about that, but I’m guessing it’s a quick cash grab.

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